In real life I’m a STEM teacher who has spent way too long dreaming of making video games but took a different path in life. I won’t reveal my age but lets just say my first favourite game was called “Kokotoni Wilf” (Look it up). I’m a family man with 3 kids and a day job so only have limited time to produce content so please forgive me if you have been waiting forever for the next tutorial.


Hopefully you have enjoyed my tutorials and they have set you on a path to learning more. I try to make subjects as clear as possible, so you may find that I do not use the most efficient methods in the world. In fact any proficient coder or modeller will probably spot that I am completely self taught. I simply can’t stop myself from pulling things apart to find out how they work. The way I see it; there is little point in doing that unless I can pass on what I’ve learned.


If you really get something out of this site, happen to be mind numbingly rich, and need a way to soak up your excess cash, please feel free to leave a donation. All donations are being put towards a new PC which isn’t held together with gaffer tape and doesn’t run on coal and wishful thinking.


Good luck,