New Course: UMA Content Creation

CompleteHere we go again. Thanks to everyone who showed their appreciation for my first series. I am pleased to present my second UMA series for your enjoyment. This one is for the artists out there.

Now you know how to create UMAs and get them running around in-game, it’s time to kit them out in fashionable attire. As the series progresses, I will be walking you through the rather tricky workflow to get your models to play nice with UMA. By the end you should be creating outfits like a pro.

If you’ve ever tried making clothing for UMA before and managed to stop yourself before you threw your monitor across the room then this series is for you. I’ve dug into all the problems, found the quirks and found ways around them in order to make the process as painless as possible for you.

If that all sounds like the way you want to spend your evenings, then head over to the course listing and dive in…


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  1. As always, loving the tutorials by you. Keep them coming! I’d love to learn more from you

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